List of things to prepare for a Wedding in Bloomfield Hills & West Bloomfield MI


As me and my friends were brainstorming ideas for my best friend’s wedding and thinking of all the services we require, it became clear that having a really talented event coordinator on your team might be a good thing because there is really so many different services that go into constructing a successful wedding and you need many other organizations to invest their energy and time into it which costs money.

But everyone has a budget, even if my friend comes from pretty affluent background living in nice neighborhood of Oakland County. Still there is a certain budget and to get the best quality service at the best price takes research. But the last thing we want to do is simply finding the least expensive option and getting bad service in return. This is a wedding after all and you can’t risk taking any chances…

So here is a list of wedding services we require and still in the process of making sure we found the right one, in last article I talked about a great limo company that we will use since we have experience with them before but now for the following services we really don’t have much experience…

Food Caterer: I don’t know much about where to go for best catered food for wedding, with a budget I would think a luxurious restaurant would be too expensive, but a pub probably won’t do. I want to find catered food that is excellent in flavor but it has to also have spectacular presentation because it is a wedding. So here is where the challenge sets in for us because we have to balance cost with quality. My friend owns a home made pizza parlor in Lake Orion and they have amazing food but for wedding I’m not sure if their dishes exude enough fanciness.

Banquet Hall Service: Well this is more of picking the right banquet hall to do the wedding, there is several near West Bloomfield MI and they all have decent sizes, but I need one that is willing to cooperate to our specific needs because we want to put up incredible decoration which is still in the works and heavily top secret at the moment. But anyway, from whom I’ve been talking from the Banquet Halls, I found few candidates, its amazing how much difference it makes to speak to personal on the phone and deciding based on their tone of voice. Are they enthusiastic and do they sound like they care?


Wedding Photographer & Possibly Photo Booth: I know for certain that we need a wedding photograph as this was explicitly stated by my best friend but trick is where to find a good one? I’ve looked at various websites and local listing to try to find a great photographer but its hard to see who’s good. Also I’ve been to a wedding last year where they had hired a photo booth rental for it and it was super fun and a big hit, so if budget allows I would love to hire photo booth rental for this wedding as well, again the problem comes with finding a great company. I am still in the process of sorting it out.

Now I’ve listed 3 above, but this is only portion of the entire list we came up with as far as services required for a wedding. So you can imagine the task at hand here. It is like having a side job, albeit a super fun one. Maybe I should become a wedding planner some day. Connecting clients with the best wedding limo service, caterer, & banquet halls complete with the best photographer in town to take professional wedding photos that capture priceless moments for eternity.

I’m all about event planning and getting creative to come up with the best wedding given the allotted budget amount. Let the fun begin!