Success!My Goals and Vision


In the last post I wrote about the human brain’s RAS or Reticular Activation System. Basically what that states is that we all have a brain that functions in a certain way, whatever we focus on expands and grows as we put more energy into. Where focus goes, attention & energy follows so when we are seeing the all the negatives in life we begin to see a world of nothing but negatives. When we focus on the positive of life, we begin to see all the positives.

So this is why Journalling our goals every morning is so important, let me write to you some of my goals.

I will make $10,000 per month by August

I will make $30,000 per month by December

I will make a million by age 30

I will achieve perfect health

I will become a master at influence & persuasion

I am an individual that is always striving towards success & my potential

I am a master at motivating myself and push myself to the next level

I seek the uncomfortable situation and I act

I am an action taker

I am a role model for others

I help millions of people across the world

I make this world a better place

I help thousands of local business owners

I am always striving for greatness

I am destined for success

I get up early in the morning so that I can become the type of person I need to be to impact the world & others

I make my visions known to the world and others clearly and powerfully

I am a master of tonality and allow others to feel & know that I care about them, I am a an expert and a force to be reckon with

I have powerful friends who are millionaires

I am always surrounding myself with people that are more successful than me

I am taking steps to become a better person than yesterday

I radically accept myself & teach others on how to do the same

I can’t change it so I just simply accept it

In this way everyday I am writing down my goals and my vision daily to ensure that I stay focused on my target and I stay motivated. It is amazing what can happen when you begin to put your focus on successful you seem to draw others to you that also operate on the same wavelength and reach towards success. Just the other day I had an overgrown oak tree in my yard & I had to get it cut down, so I called a local tree cutting company and began speaking to the owner when they arrived to do the job.

One conversation thread lead to another and pretty soon we were talking about our goals and our vision in life. I think it was some comment I made about waking up every morning early to write down my goals. After owner had commented that he had been up from 5 AM and that was when I woke up.

Because I read a book on Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod that has really fired me up and put me in this kick to start waking up early in the morning and getting things done.

Well he has been waking up early for over 30 years and he swears by it. It has made him successful and he points to that one thing that made all the difference and that was waking up early in the AM.

Well this is what I was exactly experiencing and what I really wanted to talk about.

He told me all the great achievers are doing this and it does work which is exactly what I was learning from Hal Elrod

His company was amazing and the crew was super friendly. I would high recommend his service to anybody.

His company is called Macomb Tree Service

Make sure to give him a call when you need tree removal in Macomb county