Excellent Wedding Limo Service in Troy Michigan


While we are on the topic of limo companies in Michigan and my fervent search for the “one”, the perfect company for my friends wedding, we talked to many of our friends and one company keeps popping up in our radar, so much so that we made a trip to Troy Michigan to check out what this limousine company was all about.
Their name is simple enough to remember:

Troy Limo & Party Bus Ultra
55 E Long Lake Rd #521
Troy, MI 48085
(248) 817-4469

What is nice about this company is that they build their own limos, so you can bet that they have some power or some merit to them because most limousine companies we’ve seen mostly run with Lincoln Town Cars and Hummers while this company has very cool, unique limos such as Excalibur, Rolls Royce & Bentley Arnage.


So just on their website alone you can spend few more minutes browsing through their large fleet section.

This built enough desire in us to go check them out. Another nice thing about them is that when you call them the owner of the business will answer the phone and not someone that’s getting paid salary to answer phones and quote based on a price sheet.

This owners feels very friendly and sincere to me, and he promised that he will beat any quote out there and give us much nicer vehicle than the competition. Which is always fantastic to hear, you can tell this company cares about customer acquisition which is good! Especially because I’m in advertising myself and I know that follow up and customer acquisition is the most important aspect of a business. The fact that this company is doing this better than any other limo companies in Michigan that I’ve called so far, tells me this company knows what they are doing, they are experts, and they are most likely doing better than most companies out there so they will have the capital to invest in much better vehicles as shown on their website.

Me and my friend took a visit to Troy to checkout his fleet and we have to say we were very pleased with what we saw. All the vehicles were kept nicely indoors,clean and beautiful. Which is what I originally thought limousines were supposed to look like from the movies. Well lets just say after visiting other warehouses of other limo companies we would find few good limos but there were some in storage which would make us shake our head and question if that limo is fit to serve anybody because it just looked so worn out. Now with this Troy Limo company it was nothing but green light for us. We especially liked the Bentley Arnage Limo, it was very spacious inside and the exterior was very nice with the famous Bentley Grill at the front. We could definitely picture my best friend and her new husband driving away in that thing under sun set, it would make for quite the epic ending to the wedding ceremony which we believe will be held in Cranbrook of Bloomfield Hills, MI.

We will continue with out Limo Company search because we still have few months before we have to make final decision. But so far this company in Troy is pulling on our heart strings! And the one in Bloomfield ain’t too bad either! Trust me when I say that these were the top two after going through few dozens of limo companies out there in Oakland County!

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