About Olive

Hello I am Olive Janice and I live in West Bloomfield, MI.

I went to Michigan State University and graduated with Advertising Degree.

I moved to back to West Bloomfield and live in an apartment with my friend Megan.

We keep a nice and tidy apartment and I commute everyday to Detroit for a Advertising Firm, where we make everything from Big banners to various other advertising flyers and business cards.

Other than my big passion for advertising I also have passion in creative writing as that was my minor, but since graduating college that creative writing aspect has been put on the back burner. So this blog is about re-awakening the creative passion back and trying to reignite it one blog post at a time.

The most important thing about creative writing is to just begin writing and let the creative ideas flow from within and just start writing. What’s nice about creative writing is that you can write about whatever you wish and everything will start going smoothly as you get more experience because like anything else writing is a skill, and recently I lost my ability due to disuse so now I’m getting back into it and hopefully I will change the whole writing system around.

Hope to talk to you soon.